Weeks Gone By

Been a Couple Weeks Yeah, sorry about that. Welcome to my humble blog! This session we will: Have some updates Have a cool phone update and review Small State of the State Boosts More News That will be our show! What Happened? After Labor Day, I had intended to come back here and write a blog on my experiences with M Launcher, which I am doing in this blog. However, in the interim, I got fairly busy with life and let it get in the way.

A Sign of Things to Come

Good Morrow Tuxians I hope the day is finding you well! As for me, I write this on my way to Omaha! Don’t you worry, though - I am the passenger. This post also comes to you from Termux! In the last few days, I asked the LUP LUG what they would like to see written about. Here is what we have coming down the pipeline: In The Weeds Coming up, I will be putring in work to start the series, “In DE Weeds, aka Desktop Environment Insanity” There will also be a Distro Review Corner as well.

A Dream, An Awakening

In a world where support is everything, value for value is there to help Gruezi, one and all! Welcome back! Not much in the way of sats support this week, which is a-okay to me, just being transparent! Before we begin, I have some corrections to make to a previous article, The Golden Tech Stack: Corrections A Initially, I stated that (some liberties here): I will be running a start9 node for the blog

It's All According To Plan (but not mine)

It seems that the tooling was there, I am just not well versed in Google Fu. The Value Train is Coming! Welcome one and all! Value for Value is here in blog land and it was right before our eyes. It seems the tooling was there, I am just not well versed in Google-Fu! BeardedTek has figured out how to get boosts working (WITH A MODAL SCREEN!!!) with Alby. This is very exciting, as it seems that with this same tooling, I can get the BTCPayServer going with this modal button as well.

The Golden Tech Stack

#The Golden Tech Stack Welcome Time is lovely, isn’t it? It just flows on like a river. Anyway, some stuff has changed and an update is due! I hope you are well and excited for another edition of my blog. This edition of the blog, I asked a simple question to my bitcoiner pals over at the Jupiter Broadcasting Matrix channel: “What would you like to see me write about or have my opinion on?

V4Va la Revolucion!

A Very Warm Thanks Thank you. For those of you that sent a few sats, it is much appreciated. Even if for a meme or because you believe the dream, it means the world to me. Unfortunately, for me, I am more of a thinker and a logistics guy than a super talented coder. Coding makes me want to have a headbutt contest with a wall and see who taps out first.

Textual Board Meeting

The Only Board Meeting Where Clothes Are Optional Welcome, dear reader! Welcome to what I feel could be a new era. An era of potentially unexplored territory! I have googled far and wide and haven’t seen too much of this comcept for this medium, and maybe its called something else entirely. What am I speaking about, you ask? Value for Value This is a model that allows for much more than the traditional “Here’s some money because I enjoy your content.

Promised an Update

What a Whirlwind Hello again! So, I promiosed a post-appointment update and here we are. According to my mental health doctor, she had no idea that my refills were being ignored. I followed protocol, etc. Tl;dr, was able to get my refills taken care of and I am in a much better state than I was this morning. So, what happened? That, is the real question. While I don’t like self-diagnosing, what I found was that I was suffering from Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome

Doctors and Meds and Failures, Oh My

The Fallacy Welcome, once again to my blog, where I sometimes muse over non-technical topics and ask for advice. This morning, that question is this: What are some ways that you have dealt with depression? I’ll be fairly candid with you - I have a very hard time dealing with myself sometimes. I never really learned great coping mechanisms and had some incredible hardships before I was 21. For the last (I think?

It's almost the end of July, Dragon.

What Is Up, Gamers? As one of my old favorite YouTubers used to say, “Whadizuuuuuup?” TGD coming at you with another candid update! The last couple weeks have been pretty challenging as far as business and figuring out new processes. We have had some electrical issues plague us and machine issues, bleh. BUT, I have a small update! I ordered coffee, not tea! Well, hope you like Earl Grey, cause, I have some updates.