Post-LFNW Post

Once again, we bring armageddon

Welcome friends! I know it has been a minute since LFNW, but, here we are! You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. Well, since this is the most irregular blog on the net, you already know. I do have some news, though!

Breaking News

I have become a contributor to Fedora! I am looking to continue to foster community and help with the docs to make them tip-top. The dreamer in me says that one day, even the Fedora documentation could be as good as Arch, but, who knows! I would love to thank Carl George of the EPEL team and Neal Gompa for showing me that contribution is a really cool cause!

In Music and Coffee

I did say Metal and Coffee in the About page….. (that might become the README here soon) The guys over in the Music Nerds chat (more inside than out) ((thanks Jeff!)) are doing a cover of Judas Priest’s The Hellion/Electric Eye and I’ll be on guitar! KK Downing and Glen Tipton are great guitarists and I (hopefully) can get even 1% of the greatness that is 80’s guitar, I’ll be happy. As for coffee, I went to the ol’ Walmart yesterday and got some House of Java Direct Culture Shock and it’s pretty tasty! At under $6 USD a bag, I’m very pleased. Although, a half carafe before work seems a bit excessive….

Let’s see…what else…

Oh. right, the site look-and-feel! I finally found a theme that does what I initially intended! In the beginning, I envisioned a site that looked normal, as in, you had your links up top for navigation. This was hard for me to find, but, finally hunkered down and found one. This one is linked at the bottom of the page as risotto. BeardedTek mentioned to me that he will help to get the donate back when he gets a moment. I still have the previous file and I’ll give it a shot while I’m here.

See you…see you on the other side

“And with the music in our ears, that means that time is up!” I do need to be getting finished up at home and get to work here shortly.

Current topics that need to be written are

  • New V4V post
  • Holiday schedule
  • Biz update
  • Call for Devs
  • Some sweet Fedora action

I hope you all are staying warm. I hope that when the sun rises, you will be bright and shiny as well. Be kind to one another.

Until then:

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