A Very Happy Hello to You All!

Well, hello there! How have you all been doing? Sitting and doing blogging hasn’t been my forte, but, one day I hope to get much better at it. I would have hoped that this would have been a weekly thing, but, alas, I let things get away from me.

Have you been programming?

The long and short is: unfortunately, no. I get really overwhelemed learning coding for some reason at it looks very daunting to me. It immediately seems to take me to a time in which I had to fake my way through class just to get a passing grade. However, I am jumping into CAD again, with a bit more success this time.

A Gift From Another

Awhile ago, I was gifted a clapped out Mac Mini and it has been a blast! It chugs when I slice my 3d print files, however, but, thats not a huge deal. My old rig went to my wife for our business. Its still churning out work, for sure!

I probably have mentioned a bunch of this, but, I havent seen my blog posts in a minute or two, so theres that.

Lately, the other thing I have been doing is diving into fully custom Hot Wheels! I will have to figure out how to make a homepage proper for this blog and set up a photo gallery fo my customs. Its almost like having a super small model car to work on! If I can figure it out, I may even have to make some custom 3D printed stuff for it!


I know that this blog is small, but, I may set up a Ko-Fi for it. If anybody has any suggestions as to what they would like to me to muse on, please let me know. Send me an email at I am also on Matrix as @dmanhaku and thegoldendragon on Discord. If I get enough support, I will create a space or two for these services for my readers!

Final Thoughts

If anybody has any advice on where to start with my coding journey, that would be swell and would not go unnoticed. Send me emails and stuff!

Be kind to one another.


Breaking News

I did wind up making the Ko-Fi page. Maybe this button works?

The hugo server is acting weird on Debian, so, I just have to push to see!

Mick K, TheGoldenDragon

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