A Dream, A Failure

Mental Anguish, Physical Pseudo Prowess

Hello, Dear Reader! Welcome back to my humble blog! Its been a hectic month or two since I posted last, but, here we are! I finally got off my laurels and started my side business’ website with my domain host over at Kitterman Creative. Check us out if you need some 3D Printed goodness or some custom stuff for whatever! I wish that I could go on and on about how good its doing, but, we have but one repeat customer. Alas, I am here to chat about business from a perspective of a neurodivergent and give some other needed attention to another category of business all together - Podcasting.

Divergency at its finest

I am a guy of many projects that go started and unfinished. Many hobbies which I go full bore into and then lose steam if they dont go how I imagine them playing out. This is the ail of my business as well. I am terrible at social media (and always have been) and bad at self-marketing. For context, I’ve had multiple YouTube channels over the years and the last one I did had just north of 200 subs before I quit. If anybody knows a good way to promote yourself or has any good resources, let me know at my email. Currently, I am doing some 3D Printing for a new speedway for the car racing, however, I feel overwhelmed and always defeated at this hobby, so, it gets me down a lot. Speaking of overwhelming mental defeat (since I am horrible at self-management) here is what I am looking to accomplish:

  • [] Set up the web store for my hustle
  • [] Get a list of goods we sell for that store into Excel
  • Model up the new attachments for the new speedway (mostly done, need one adjustment)
  • [] More time with wife
  • [] Learn to code to write a few apps and maybe start generating some more income
  • [] Etc

I feel like I need to streamline myself and I dont know how! Anyway, here’s Wonderwall

What I Am Really Here For

I digress heavily. My good pals over at Jupiter Broadcasting are really struggling right now. The ad market has collapsed under them and under independent podcasting. If memory serves, Chris predicted this a year or so back, but, now it has all come to fruition.

Jupiter Broadcasting is an entity that hosts several podcasts that focus on Open Source, Self Hosting, and Business and News of Technology. Mainly, this focuses on Linux, but, Windows gets its time, too

For me, this organization has given me many years of entertainment, value, memories (Arch server challenge anybody?), and what feels like life long, long distance community and friendships. This blog post serves as a little bit of value that I can give back to a podcast that I wish I could help more. Being the mascot and all, this is part of my duty! When Linux Unplugged stared doin the boosts, I knew I had to start giving back. I downloaded the Fountain app as my pod catcher of choice that had the Podcasting 2 dot Oh features in it and topped it off with some sats and started what would become the ‘Row of Ducks’ meme! 1 Honestly, one of the best internet moments a guy could ask for. I had never really sent an email to creators of my favorite media before but hearing my screen name come across the feed was just the highlight of my month! Many others started sending in sats and using the new hotness meme as well and it was so heartwarming to see the support roll in. I know that many folks hear bitcoin and shy away from it for one reason or another, but, its really easy to get caught up in the FUD and just immediately dismiss that this can help out many of us, especially small businesses and independent media folks.

Time, Treasure, or Talent

What I feel that we should be getting out of this is that the Value for Value model can and should be propped up as the best way to support small creators.

The three tee’s model is fairly straight forward in my opinion.

Giving your time as a valued resource to a community
Something you value as a resource given to a community
Using your knowledge as a resource to help a community

Time could be something as simple as sharing with a friend, writing about them on your blog, or getting involved in the community Treasure could be something like becoming a member (in JB’s case its the Jupiter Party) or donating some sats for a boost Talent in this case could be helping Chris get his tech in order at the studio, helping with the website, or things like that.

The Grapes of Jargon

Sometimes (even me in this case), I think we get caught up in all the jargon and get overwhelemed by it. I know that there are some digital denizens that think that FOSS is all just Free as in Free Beer, but, that doesn’t help out much of anybody.

What I do know is this: JB has given me immeasureable value that I know I cannot reciprocate fully. Currently, they are contemplating cutting a show or two - not great, but, understandable from a business perspective. You have to lean up when its rough out here. I sincerely hope that the community can round up underneath them as they trust fall into our arms.

Just after this, I will be setting up Umbrel to get my Lightning node running and maybe that will help out in some capacity.

If you would like to help out at all, here is Chris’ Alby Wallet address . You can get an alby wallet without hosting a node and topping it off right there in the extension and site. If you are a podcast listener like I am, Coder Radio and Linux Unplugged have MASSIVE back catalogs that have MONTHS of entertainment at your ears desire.

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Station.

A few notes:

I really need to schedule writing these posts. Im not sure of my SEO, but, my corner is my corner.

Alternatively, hopefully someday, JB can have a non-bitcoiners donation thing. Maybe Libera Pay ?

I hope this post finds you well. Have a great week, month, year, be excellent to one another,

  1. Sats are a miniscule portion of a Bitcoin. 1 sat is 1/100,000,000 of a BTC ↩︎

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