First Steps into a Bright New World

A Hopeful Intro in a Dim World

One man on a simple mission: to find his path forward and out of the Air Capital and into a tech-filled world.

Hello World, my name is Mick. I’m a 30 year old and have a simple, yet grandiose dream: get my FOSS-loving self a job in tech.

A Little About Me

I have been grinding out non-career jobs for over a decade and went to school for Information Technology. The market around here is atrocious but had high hopes of landing foot-in someplace close. Well, that was a decade ago and I am still not there.

I would consider myself a part-time tech enthusiast and a FOSS advocate. I daily drive endeavourOS, an Arch-based Linux distribution. Currently, I am learning Hugo (so, if you are reading this, hello!) I would love to be able to either dive into SysAdmin work or development of some kind.

My Background

Before college, I knew very little about open source or Linux. I was a very basic, but, enthralled by technology middle and high school student. As the years went by, I learned about Linux and some of its inner workings. I had a STACK of CD-R’s with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and many others.

Initially, because of the slowness I saw, I thought that Linux was very slow and wasn’t worth more looking into. Then, college came and I had a professor that taught us Red Hat (pre-Fedora/RHEL). I was one of the only ones that figured out how to almost skip version numbers without a fresh install. Boy, was I excited! I went and got the latest version of Kubuntu and installed it on my laptop - no wi-fi, which was a dealbreaker. Well, back to Windows 7.

Fast forward almost a decade and I found Linux again after being fed up with Windows and Microsoft in general. I dove headfirst into Arch and endeavourOS. What a run this has been! Over three years and my main rig has never run better. I have had some major and minor hiccups but nothing a little Google-fu hasnt been able to solve.


I guess what I am trying to say is this: So far, persistence has been my greatest friend, and my greatest enemy. If you have read this far, I appreciate you a great deal. I hope your day went well, that you took some time for yourself and reflected upon your goals and desires.

Speaking of Goals

  • Decide what path I am going to take in tech
    • Maybe this is a good start! Blogging can help with getting thoughts out in the open and get the conversation going
  • Learn what I can about that path
    • My initial thought is this: System Admin, whether thats Windows or Linux. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but, why limit myself?
  • Don’t overwhelm myself
    • My biggest weakness is getting overwhelmed too fast. I need some time to process information when it comes to me

Until Next Time

Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and above all: be good to one another.

Mick K, TheGoldenDragon

Golden Mascot for Linux Unplugged. Does your podcast have a mascot?