The Golden Tech Stack

#The Golden Tech Stack


Time is lovely, isn’t it? It just flows on like a river. Anyway, some stuff has changed and an update is due! I hope you are well and excited for another edition of my blog.

This edition of the blog, I asked a simple question to my bitcoiner pals over at the Jupiter Broadcasting Matrix channel: “What would you like to see me write about or have my opinion on?” HAL9000 answered with: “I’d love to know your tech stack” (I am simplifying a bit, but, that is the jist), so, thank you for that!

Before I get to that, here are some


Since we last chatted over the blog, I have been trying (and failing) to get comments on here. I will be trying to make a small python app for that as a learning tool for developing python. Shouldn’t be too hard, I hope. Do you think it will be?

I have also joined up with the Nostriches and have both a Nostr Blog on Habla.News and a regular twitter style nostr account (one in the same, really. Just different front ends and relays) My npub for seeking me out is: npub1x4fue7jz3y4gjjce6le9qkawapnrjkq92za78wr8qp36m4czggtshxdfxs

DISCLAIMER We should all have hope and look toward the day where a man realizes the sounds -ahem- sorry

Actual disclaimer: This blog will be mirrored over on Habla.News, so I may have to take some liberties for that ie photos will be linked for your viewing pleasure!

The Stack

I am surrounded by technology. Probably some tech debt, if I am honest. Just at this desk alone, I sit amongst four computers of varying scopes. “But, Dragon, why couldnt this be condensed down?” I did. This desk was full of monitors and the like, and I may still condense down to just one and make the rest headless, minus the laptop.

Here is the top level overview of what I use on a regular basis and (if i can remember) some specs:

It’s GNOME, its XFCE, Its..!

Just a Mac Mini

The last gen of Intel-based Mac Mini computers. This is my daily driver and will soon become my dev machine. What I am considering is this:

Linux Hugo NGINX or Caddy (havent decided on the web server yet) MySQL Python

As for specs, this thing is Spec’ed OUT my dudes. And was given to me as a gift. My donor can let me know if they would like credit for this. Its been alluded to for sure, though! In it’s current state, I am able to help my wife design stuff for our business, which won’t change. I will just not be able to use her software (Cricut Design Space). If anybody out there has any luck running this in a VM, let me know.

The Blog Writer

This one is a little MicroMini Node, Lenovo style While not very powerful, like my Mac is, this tiny pc site behind my curved monitor and lets me write my blog with ease. Currently running Debian 12 Stable XFCE (email me that hate), it gets out of my way and just goes. Initially intended as a Monero rig, I realized that I wouldnt really get much out of that except the memes and I am (mostly) serious about my work. My blog stack is pretty simple:

Markdown files parsed by > Hugo sent to > GitHub hosted by > Netlify > to your lovely face.

The Server

Ahh, yes. My good ol’ Dell This server is mainly a Nextcloud rig. Did host Jellyfin and ripped Anime, but, need to set up the latter again. Big fan of Serial Experiments Lain.

My Nodes

Did I mention I am a new Bitcoin Maxi? I have two nodes now. I have an Ancient eMachines with built-in Nvidia GPU and AMD Sempron CPU as well as a Kamrui Mini PC that I picked up second hand that somehow works

The top one is my Umbrel node and the Kamrui is my new Start9 Node. The Start9 node will be the one where my Blog sats will be (we will get to that in a moment!) As of now, Start9 cannot connect with Tailscale, but, I will see if I can change that. Probably not.


In addition to that, the boost button is proxied on a Nanode over on Linode and the Python Comments app I hope to develop will be over there as well. Once I learn how boosts work and how to work with API’s, this will all just be peachy keen.

Future-sim aka Where this all goes

Eventually, I have a feeling I will be back to just a computer and a laptop, with headless nodes running in a 3d printed, fan cooled cabinet. What I would really enjoy would be my Mac being my base system, probably Arch or Debian. I would like to figure out exit nodes as well so that I can cut back on 5g data perhaps and just use my home internet.

The stack is nothing really golden, I just have a lot of extra tech that I wanted to put to use.

Support time!

This week, we (and by we I mean ThothLoki) blew my mind and sent over a whopping 5000 satoshis! I really appreciate it and that will be here on my Start9 node very soon with the other 300 satoshis from last blog post.

If you would like to support the blog, you too can send your value over by using the button below. If you are on Habla, you can Zap me and that will go directly to my node and I will send that over to the blog node as well.

Alternatively, you can send me directly via your wallet if it supports LNURL addresses! You can fund me directly with a send to

It is night as I write this. When I wake, I hope the sun is warm. I hope that you are warm when the sun rises, too.

Mick K, TheGoldenDragon

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