Weeks Gone By

Been a Couple Weeks

Yeah, sorry about that. Welcome to my humble blog! This session we will:

  • Have some updates
  • Have a cool phone update and review
  • Small State of the State
  • Boosts
  • More News

That will be our show!

What Happened?

After Labor Day, I had intended to come back here and write a blog on my experiences with M Launcher, which I am doing in this blog. However, in the interim, I got fairly busy with life and let it get in the way. The very next weekend, I was bed ridden sick with a pretty severe sinus infection that is still ongoing to a much milder degree, but, has left me with some hearing issues that I intend to fix soon. I am also neck-deep in projects again, so, that will be fun. I have to re-engineer the track fittings for our Diecast Racing group and get those to pasture. As I write this, I am printing two tests for exactly that. My second engineering task I have taken on is making the diecast modding safer for me. Currently, when you are modding your outlaw class car, you have to take the interior out and remove the seats and stuff for your weights. I now have a prototype that is almost ready for MVP. The downside? This will be an every car ordeal.

V4V SotS Address

The V4V Blogging effort carries on! We are excited to share the humble beginnings of The Blog Index and that has REALLY blossomed out. The Blog Index has been born! This will be the takeoff point for blogs who wish to dip their toes into the V4V ecosystem. BT snapped up fancy new domains and has been hard at work creating the API for this website. I have been trying my best to stay on top of my motivation so I can keep getting the word out! We (rather, he) have been featured on:

The reception seems to be really awesome and I cannot WAIT to see what happens. BeardedTek really deserves all your sats, for real. What a Godsend he has been and has run ten miles or more with this. I know I can’t code, but, damnit can I hype somebody up.

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes!

I am become WM User, destroyer of DEs

I have become an i3 user once again. Debian has i3 WM in its repository and to my surprise, -gaps has been integrated! Boy did I miss i3.

I Used mLauncher To Convince Minimalists To As Well

While traveling to Omaha, I decided to run an experiment on my phone and test out what having a minimal launcher instead of the very busy OneUI on my phone would be like. This was a TREAT. Gone were the app icons and extra UI bits like widgets. Just text and a light color. Much like a WM on Linux, this was increadibly snappy for me, mostly. I’ll get to that in a moment.

What I Liked

The UI was a breath of fresh air. No frills, just text and a basal knowledge of what you have installed. You can add to the list of apps by adding a number of options to the front panel, making it a one stop for you rather than seeking in your app drawer. I have the note, so, I also have the sidebar to utilize as well. This was a mostly great experience as I could just open my phone, pick the app I needed and go about my business. Since uninstalling Facebook from my phone, I tried adding on Nostr, but, Im unsure I like it. It is mostly Bitcoin folks (not bad, just, want some other convo as well) and the occasional right-wing thing. Since I don’t know how to properly use it, I will probably shelf it for now, as it still is social media by design and I have more important things to do. I digress, though - back to the article! The settings are really straight-forward and easy to configure. Just enough to get you moving.

What I Didn’t Like

Sometimes, getting into the settings took much longer than it should have. Using the gestures was easy enough, but, did cause enough lag that I noticed it. Mostly, this was a non-issue, though.

You can download this android launcher on F-Droid and can support the author Wayne Wesley by clicking here.

Onto the Boosts!

This session, if memory serves me, I got 3222 sats over 2 boosts.

Our first boost came in from Kyrin himself on Alby with a cute row of ducks! He writes, “Returning some value for your cool blog. Really appreciate you reaching out my friend :)” No, thank YOU for boosting in and showing some value! I hope as this V4V thing spreads its wings and grows, we all can sit down and chat V4V!

Our second boost comes in from ThothLoki with 1000 sats on BTCPayServer - I didnt get his note (still working on the bugs there) but he sent me what he wrote. “Thanks for the info on MiniOS” Thank you for sending some value back! Really helps keep me a-goin!

For now, I think I am going to set up a TGBaT alby account so that its easier for you lovely folks to boost in and send messages over the webs until I can fully get BTCPay up and running with a message in as well. Maybe I will reach out, I’m sure they have a github out there.

Whats next?

I think I will try to either install Void or Devuan on the laptop I have here with me and use it for a week or so. Or maybe spin it up in a VM and see how that rock and rolls. Until next time, folks.

Be kind to one another.

Mick K, TheGoldenDragon

Golden Mascot for Linux Unplugged. Does your podcast have a mascot?