Another Week, Another Post

Ponderances Beyond

I sit and ponder another week of work and wonder, am I headed down the right path?

How’s it going, folks? Here I sit, engineering a fitting I accidentally broke on my CR10S Pro v2 and wonder, is all this right? Don’t get me wrong, everything is going fairly well (knock on wood), but, I always wonder if I am headed down the right path, y’know?

This fitting is causing me some, fits. Ive gone through atleast 12 revisions and two slicing softwares to attempt this fitting, as it’s the last piece of the puzzle to get that printer back up and running. Dimensional accuracy is very critical and I have been scratching on how to get this right!

Determinate Determination

I hope the week finds you well, dear reader! Next week I travel to Omaha to visit family and celebrate my 10-year wedding anniversary! Oh, how time flies! If it weren’t for her, who knows where I would be, really.

For determinations sake, I am determined. Determined to get some wins and shake off whatever losses are bound to happen.

Speaking of Losses

This week, I attempted to get Ruby running in VS Code and it wouldnt cooperate with me, so, I will keep at it soon and probably pick somebodies brain in a couple chat-alleyways.


Well, since this one was spontaneous, I dont have any picks this week! When I return in a couple weeks from vacay, I will hopefully have a pick or two!

Go and support your local FOSS project if you have the means to!

If you would like to support me in supporting my local anything, I am on alby now!

thegoldendragon@getalby.com is where to find me at. Perhaps I will get a ko-fi or similar just in case.

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