Race Day Woes

Race Day

Sunday, sunDAY, SUNDAY! The day I love and dread all at once. A few months ago, I took up diecast collecting and modifying.

Excuse the mess..

Excuse the mess..

It has been a blast! With the modifying, came the racing of them as well. Axel swaps from stock to nickel-plated or just faster wheels. It was all pretty exciting!

A New Dawn

I went to my first race day and was explained how it works

We each have four cars to a team and a ’turd’. Points are:

Place Points
1st 5
2nd 3
3rd 2
4th 1

Cars that enter the final stretch but dont finish are awarded 1 point, cars that do not finish get 0.Turd races (cars that are purpose-built to be slower and bad) are 2 for last, 1 for finishing and 0 for not finishing

Now, of course, there are some nuances to all this, but, that’s the basics.

But, the modding!

Oh, yes! So, the modding is really quite as simple as you want or as complex as you want. Essentially, you drill into the posts, “mill” off the bottoms, and then pop off the chassis. Again, simplified because there is a decent bit of minutae, but, you get the drift.

An Art Edition MS-T Suzuka with Faster than Everything wheels!

An Art Edition MS-T Suzuka with Faster than Everything wheels!

Lately, the races have been exciting, but, not in my favor. Fortunately, that just keeps me going to get better at this craft. My first race was a resounding win, but, since, it hasnt been so clear cut. It does kind of dishearten me to lose, but,it hasnt been too bad so far.

Race Report

Hopefully, I’ll make a race report article or wrap up of some kind here soon, but, for now, I’m just using this opportunity to learn new things about Hugo!

Speaking of!

I’d like to thank Gamma over on the JB Matrix chat space for helping me learn about the Figure method of importing images! And just today, I made a shortcode to center my images, using what was available in the Hugo github and learning docs to be able to center my images! Making this blog has been a really good learning experience to be sure!

Until next time…

Be kind to one another.

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