A Sign of Things to Come

Good Morrow Tuxians

I hope the day is finding you well! As for me, I write this on my way to Omaha! Don’t you worry, though - I am the passenger. This post also comes to you from Termux! In the last few days, I asked the LUP LUG what they would like to see written about. Here is what we have coming down the pipeline:

In The Weeds

Coming up, I will be putring in work to start the series, “In DE Weeds, aka Desktop Environment Insanity” There will also be a Distro Review Corner as well.

First up for a combined whammy will be stock Solus with Budgie, both of which I have knowledge of, just not in. My goal for these would be to daily drive these for a week or two and learn what I can about them inside and out of the distro or environment.

My initial thought would be:

Article would start out telling you what I am daily-ing this on and what the specs are. From there some history and initial thoughts. I think I would baseline with EndeavourOS or Mainline Arch, or Debian 12.1.

For Now, though

Work has commenced on a great project that we need help on! By we, I mean my brother-in-FOSS, BeardedTek! He is building blogindex.xyz and if you are interested, hit him up on Matrix! He had made a BIXYZ room for us on Matrix and we could use some help. I am beyond impressed and infinitely grateful for this and to be a speaker and call to action guy.


This labor day weekend, I will be out of town and away from desk. I hope you all will be too! In the interim, I am in need of art for the new corners of the site and help figuring out how to segregate them in Hugo. Speak more next week!

Be kind to one another. TGD Out!

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