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The Only Board Meeting Where Clothes Are Optional

Welcome, dear reader! Welcome to what I feel could be a new era. An era of potentially unexplored territory! I have googled far and wide and haven’t seen too much of this comcept for this medium, and maybe its called something else entirely. What am I speaking about, you ask?

Value for Value

This is a model that allows for much more than the traditional “Here’s some money because I enjoy your content.” Specifically, this model allows you to give back Value to the content creator or whatever. That value can come in a few ways:

  • Time
  • Treasure
  • Talent


Time can be anything that takes you away from doing you and benefitting the creator (tell me if i am wrong! This is just how I see it!) Something as simple as tuning in live, a share, a comment, some feedback is always nice


Treasure is what it sounds like! You may have seen me playing around with a blank blog post with some “Boost” stuff. Something similar to this:

This button should allow you to send some value in the form of satoshis! If it doesn’t work, send me an email at the link there. Satoshis are a hundred millionth of a BTC. Somehow, I will figure out a way that the payments can be sent withg a message as well and all of that as I currently just have a BTCPay Server on my Umbrel node. Speaking of:


If you have a talent, thats value as well! If you know more about all this lightning stuff than me, PLEASE send help. I would love for boostagrams to work with the blog.

But, why this? Why now?

In the famous words of Zack de la Rocha: “It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?” (That is a youtube link for those privacy focused folks)

There has to be a better way to generate value for creators. A better way than just Fiat Fun Coupons. You could start by spreading the word and maybe it leads to you helping out the creator in some other way.

Podcasting is already starting its revolution in Podcasting 2.0 so why cant blogging have its revolution? It seems that most blogs I visit are just pure junk and ads. I loved the times when I could read something and it wasn’t just somebody trying to shill you to their sponsors links. This can be a community-driven thing powered by and for the readers.

Let me know your thoughts.

Until then, be kind to one another.

Mick K, TheGoldenDragon

Golden Mascot for Linux Unplugged. Does your podcast have a mascot?